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Drawing upon years of experience, we are the trusted source for hydroelectric facilities and dam projects
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Sustainable Energy, Endless Possibilities

DEPL is one of the flourishing infrastructure companies in private sector engaged in developing infrastructure projects in general and power projects in particular. The company incorporated in 2007, is mainly engaged in execution of renewable energy projects.

The company has complete and well equipped technical backup and specialized man power in their respect fields and has been able to make continuous progress its chosen field of activity.

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  • Our Vision

    We aspire to be one of India’s promising energy players operating in the field of renewable energy. In the field of renewable energy we wish to generate a portfolio of diverse, sustainable solutions that will help balance India’s energy needs with a concern for our environment constantly opting out relevant latest technology in the process.
  • Our Strength

    Our strength is expertise, commitment and competence of our people, the knowledge capital we possess. DEPL has a team of top professionals and Engineers from power sector having years of experience in developing, running, managing and operating Solar, Thermal, Wind and Hydel Power Projects who are engaged in this endeavor to reach world class excellence.

  • Our Target

    Our goal is to generate and provide 50 MW Hydro Power in the next 2 years, execute ongoing projects, and expand business in Hydro and Infrastructure on a national and international scale. We aim to diversify as a "One Stop Shop," offering solutions through quality, commitment, and competence, enhancing our position in the market.


Hydropower for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Embracing hydropower today paves the way for a sustainable tomorrow, where clean energy flows seamlessly, preserving our planet for future generations.

Hydropower harnesses the kinetic energy of flowing water, transforming it into a potent source of electricity. With rivers coursing through its diverse landscape, India stands poised to leverage this natural abundance.

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Powering Green Futures

  • Dikshi Hydro Electric Project

    Phudung ( Ziding Kho) River, a tributary of Bichom river originates in glacial peaks in Sakteng region of Bhutan in higher Himalayan range at an elevation of 4500m and flows mostly in West- Easterly direction.

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  • Ankaling Hydro Electric Project

    Nargum River, a tributary of Dhansiri river originates in Himalayan range at an elevation of 3700m and flows mostly in West- Easterly direction. River is Perennial in nature.

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Hydropower, India's Resilient Energy Lifeline

  • The Indian Power Sector Scenario

    As per the Ministry of Power (“MoP”), Government of India (“GoI”), the all India installed capacity of electric power generating stations was 112,058.42 MW as on March 31, 2004.
  • How Hydropower Works

    Hydropower captures the energy produced by moving water. The methods for harnessing this power are remarkably simple; in fact, our use of water power goes back hundreds of years.
  • Types Of Hydro Power Projects

    Hydroelectric power stations capture the energy in flowing water to produce electricity. The power stations are comprised of turbine generators and the structures necessary to channel and regulate the flow of water to the turbines.

Our Commitment to CSR Initiatives

We are committed to a corporate style of sustainable development, keeping in mind the future generation and society at large. We imbibe all our team members with a sense for contributing to a better tomorrow.

Sustainable development means using and contributing to the resource keeping in mind that the best interest of our future generations and the world.

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